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ust saw a new promo trailer introducing Skarlet, the new Mortal Kombat character coming this summer. Nothing seemed new about footage from what I’ve seen before but it did give an interesting bio about her. Should be an interesting character if nothing else. Leads me to wonder if they will have character endings, or not.

The best part of the Skarlet video was at the end when it mentioned 3 other characters coming this summer. Kenshi, we knew about and should be awesome. Rain, a personal favorite of mine and I’d like to see how they do him. The third is a “???” character, so I’ll be excited to see who it is.

There are still so many characters they can bring in, or they may just create a new character all together. You can see the gameplay footage released earlier below.

If anyone wants to speculate or have any favorites, feel free to comment.

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