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Back to the Borderlands


We travel to a science fiction frontier and talk to Anthony Burch of Gearbox about Borderlands 2 and the challenges of making a good sequel in the face of massive fan anticipation.


Rage Like No Other


Legendary developer John Carmack talks about id Software’s new post-apocalyptic first-person shooter,Rage, developing at 60 frames per second, and what it’s like to be working on what might be the best-looking shooter ever produced.


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Watching NationsFall

David Luehmann, executive producer of Trion’s forthcoming massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, End of Nations, talks about the game’s development.


Harnessing Digital Creative Power: Digital Composing

Influential creators of digital art — from photography to video to music — are bound to be using the best tools to create their work. Here, composer Justin Lassen talks about the software tools that have made his digital music creation better than ever.



Gaming in Transition and Revolution, Part 3

By: Matt Ployhar

In the third part of this series, Matt Ployhar takes a look at globalization trends in the gaming industry and tries to predict how they will impact the business.

How to Build a Scalable 3D Particle System

By: Orion R. Granatir

Orion Granatir breaks down coding particle system

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