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I informed you the last time when I wrote the review on the Escalation Map Pack, that I would offer you tips on the new map packs. Most of these tips are most effective when you play on SND.

When I play SND on Zoo and I’m on the planting team. I normally go to the fish tanks and break one of the windows on the left side as a diversion and I break one on the right side. I set up a claymore behind the rock so that unsuspecting enemies run and die if they kill me. It also watches my back as well. I just lay down and wait for the enemies to come through that building then I shoot them with my weapon of choice a FN Fal Extended Mag. Call it camping? I call it effective placement. That is all I really do when my job is to plant. Of course when I become the last one alive I go and hunt for the enemies.

When I defend on Zoo, I tend to make sure that the enemies don’t go and plant at A. It can be quite challenging for the enemy to plant at B, because there are multiple sniping locations, and underground pathways that allows getting to B easy for the people who are defending. I don’t camp when I’m defending on this map I tend to sneak around and kill all of the enemies I see.

To tell you the truth Convoy is a bad map to play SND on as a whole, because there are a ton of areas that the enemies can see you from above, if your on the highway. Enemies also like to run through the buildings. My best suggestion for you all on this map is for you to camp as much as you can.

When I play on this map I usually just weave in and out of the buildings trying to get the enemies before they of course get me. I usually keep to the outskirts of the maps and try to steer clear of the planting sites, unless the bomb is of course planted and I have to make sure something is done about it.

Hotel is my personal favorite on the newest set of Call of Duty Escalation Map Pack. I love to set claymores in the elevator and watch them blow up as the enemy soldier is attempting to get onto the elevator. It’s really quite amusing. This map is probably the smallest of the four new multiplayer maps.

My next article will be an Call of the Dead analysis.

Until next time,
Patrick A.K.A SweeperKing

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